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Green Retirement, Inc.

(510) 638-6331

Green Retirement helps you use your 401k to protect People and Planet.

We do this by showing how investments can be aligned with your values so that assets in your retirement plan are working in conjunction with your mission. We help you look under the hood to find out what holdings the mutual funds in your 401k lineup have. We will help you understand the fees and investments in your plan so that they best serve you and your employees. We will guide you in crafting a 401k plan that reflects who you are and what you stand for.  

We are proud to be the first financial firm in Oakland to be certified by the Bay Area Green Business Program. Recognizing the importance and relevance of shareholder primacy and environmental and social responsibility standards, we became one of the founding B Corporations in 2007. We helped advocate for benefit corporation legislation in California, and on January 3rd, 2012, we were among the first twelve corporations in the state to elect benefit corporation status. We are here to serve.

Your 401k should not only benefit your employees. It should also be a testament to your leadership and belief in environmental stewardship.

A 401k that shows you care.