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17 Sept
Looking Under the 401k Hood: CEO Compensation


You know how much you make. And you might have a fair idea of how much your colleagues make. But do you know how much the CEOs of public companies make?

As a 401k saver, you own mutual funds that are invested in publicly traded companies. In essence, however infinitesimally small the number of shares of the company you own via your 401k mutual fund, you are an owner of that company. As such, don't you deserve to know how much the company's executives are getting paid? Do they deserve what they're being paid for? What metrics should one use to justify what these CEOs are compensated for?

Please join Timothy Yee, President of Green Retirement, in conversation with Rosanna Landis Weaver, Program Manager of CEO Pay for As You Sow and Paul Herman, founder of HIP Investments as they explore issues of executive compensation and what these issues might mean for investing.

They will discuss why looking at executive compensation is meaningful in understanding a particular investment’s potential, what trends have been seen in executive compensation, and what fiduciary duty plan sponsors have in regards to voting on matters of executive compensation.


Prior to the start of our meeting we are bringing you a special treat. We will be guided in a series of gentle yoga stretches and breathing exercises by Maryam Sharifzadeh, CEO and Founder of Office Yoga. We are excited to begin our Zoom meetings with a centering on wellness that Maryam will guide us through!

Date and Time

Thu, Sep 17, 2020

10:00a - 11:00a PST




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