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Rose Penelope L. Yee

Rose Penelope L. Yee

Chief Operating Officer

Rose Penelope L. Yee is the Chief Operating Officer of Green Retirement Plans, Inc.

She has worked in various management roles in banking and international trade finance. Rose grew up in the Philippines. She credits her parents, Rodolfo (a retired labor judge) and Julia (a columnist for a local paper) for instilling strong values of community involvement and environmental responsibility. She is raising her son, James Raphael, to be imbued with the same values. Among others, Rose serves on the advisory boards of Balance Edutainment and Tigra Promotions. Rose is a proud graduate of the Asian Institute of Management where she was on the Dean's List and received her MBA.

Rose loves experimenting with whole grain baking. She is the proud owner of a KoMo grain mill and grinds her own flour from organic emmer, spelt and wheat. Be brave, drop by the office, and be a guinea pig!